Apr 19, 2011


Have you ever felt abandoned? Ever felt like someone walked out on you without giving your feelings a second thought?  I’m sure almost everyone has felt that way at least once in their life. Has anyone ever told you your feelings don’t matter? I’m sure someone has. Don’t let something such as another person make you feel like your feelings don’t matter; because they do! I have so many nice people comment on my blog about deaf; you have not once made me feel like my feelings are worthless. I thank you for that because you guys make me feel like I can further in my writing; it has always been a dream of mine. Everyone supported me; they never knew I needed people like viewers to make me believe it. The next time someone looks at you and says your feelings don’t matter; look at them and say “I am me and what my feelings are is not your choice” you have it in you I know it! I believe everyone’s feelings are worth something and matter.

Yours truly -Mistic-

Apr 3, 2011


Do you believe in ghost? Do you ever get the feeling your being watched by someone who is not even there? Do you ever get chills for no good reason? Or do you ever get cold when it’s 100 degrees in your home? All of those are signs that you might be getting haunted. Your home could have a history of death or be filled with unanswered questions. When I was Fourteen years old I moved in with my sister. I had been there for about six months and I always felt a presence near me. I heard voices and felt cold even when it was hot in the house. I got chills and felt like I was being watched but when I looked around no one was there. One night my sister her best friend and I decided to have a movie night; you know chick flicks and such. We finished watching the movie “Dirty Dancing” And I decided to go take a shower. I started to wash my hair of course I had my eyes closed. The water was pure hot because I hate cold showers. All of a sudden I felt cold as a reaction my eyes opened and there she stood. Long gray hair, naked, cuts on her body and an old wrinkly face. My face filled with fear and I jumped out of the shower running to the living room. My sister and her best friend asked me what was wrong because I would never run anywhere in just a towel. I told them what happened and they believed me because they believe in ghost, Spirits and such. We decided to let it go and finish our night of movies.

About three weeks later I went into the living room after taking a nap; my sister was on the computer. I sat on the couch behind her and looked at the screen. “What’s that?” I asked, “Nothing just checking my email and research that chick you told me about” she answered. I continued to watch her look the chick up but without a name we didn’t have any way of finding her. I looked on the shelf and there stood a doll with blond hair and brown dress I asked my sister what it was and she said “I don’t know it just appeared I turned it around it felt weird having it stare at me” I picked the doll up and decided to throw it away.

About two weeks later my sister went to our aunt’s place to hangout while I stayed home to clean. I got a call from my sister about an hour after she left. I’ll write the phone call as well as I can remember.

Me: Hello?

Sister: Hey hon, I have something to tell you

Me: Whats that?

Sister: That doll is here..Did you bring it here last time you stayed the night?

Me: No; I threw it away remember?

Sister: Oh wow that’s creepy

Me: Right!

Sister: There is a name under it; want me to look her up?

Me: Sure

Sister: Alright hold on

About a few minutes later my sister spoke

Sister: Um Sis..This chick looks exactly like the women you described

Me: What? No she doesn’t I seen the doll

Sister: No this is a picture from before she was murdered at the age of sixty..she was cut in all kinds of places she bled to death.

Me: What? that is insane

Sister: Want me to throw this doll away? It creeps me out and from the sounds of it; it creeps you out too.

Me: Yeah get rid of that thing I never wanna see it agai

Me and my sister hung up the phone; she came home about twelve a.m that night and told me she had our aunt throw it away. We went on with our life but I seen the women at least once every where I went. About six months later I moved back in with my mom and until this day I still see the women. I am now seventeen years old and the women appears and I have grown to like her. Because If she wanted to hurt me I would have been hurt already.

So, If you feel anything I named around you don’t feel crazy because sometimes it’s real and it does not matter who believes you or not.


Feb 11, 2011


I have a dream, a dream to be somebody, a dream to do something for myself and make other people feel what I feel. I have a dream to be an actress!  I want people to watch as I make things happen I want the people who said I couldn’t to know I can! I want to get a part in glee but that’s such a long shot hehe but I really hope to be an actress and show myself as the big girl who could actually do it..

Jan 21, 2011


Last summer my best-friend Ivy and I went swimming at Pleasant hill. It’s not exactly close to where I live it’s a long ride but it is still a fun place to go. Ivy and I were having a great time swimming and laughing chillin Ivy watched as I checked out some hotties. Ivy looked over and saw her boyfriends mom whom happens to be deaf. She swam over to her boyfriend’s mom and smiled so big you’d think she had just got her dream car. I followed her and she talked with josh’s mom (That is her boyfriends name).With josh’s mom being deaf I didn’t understand a thing she signed so I asked Ivy what she was saying. Ivy didn’t even know much they worked out their own type of communication. They would over act like in a silent movie to understand each other I couldn’t help but giggle it was so adorable!!! I started to understand what they were talking about when I heard something they didn’t hear because they were absorbed in their conversation. I looked over and saw a group of guys mocking and making fun of  josh’s mom. It personally pissed me off! What pissed me off most was myself because I actually thought one of them was cute! That all changed when they started mocking and making fun of a deaf women whom they don’t even understand. Keep in mind that when you make fun of someone there can be something seriously wrong with them!!!! They could be deaf, blind, mute, have cancer, or any other serious illnesses!

Yours Truly Mistic.

Jan 15, 2011

Forgive And Forget

People say that to get through life you have to forgive and forget anything a Friend, Boyfriend, or Family member has done to you. But What if the thing they did was so horrible you just cant? What if the friend stabbed you in the back? Or the boyfriend broke your heart? Or your family member went behind your back and slept with your boyfriend? When people tell me you have to forgive and forget and move on I look at them and saw “you not understand how hard it is to forgive and forget?” They have no way to answer and I Look at them and saw “exactly until someone says that to you think about it”.

One year ago when I was Sixteen Years old I Had A boyfriend whom I loved so much. He started hanging up with me just to talk to mine and his bestfriend..he would say I’m sorry I have to call ______back I don’t want her mad at me if I keep talking to you when I could be talking to her. Keep in mind he was my boyfriend not hers. A little later I started noticing they had feelings for each other. I was at my sisters and I started drinking and it hit me like a bullet in my heart I was losing him and it was my bestfriend taking him from me. So as I started drinking more I decided to break up with him I couldn’t be with someone who liked someone else..Before all that happened me and him had a talk I asked him if he would ever leave me for someone better and promised he wouldn’t. When I was talking to him on Myspace I then decided to break up with him while I was drunk When I sent the message my heart was breaking and I was crying. I said “I’m sorry but I can tell your starting to like my bestfriend and its killing me to be with you while that’s happening  so I think we should breakup” His words to that were “Good Lol God I’m so Fucking glad you did this LMAO I can ask _____out now I was going to breakup with you too so I could get with her.” I didnt say anything Because I was in shock. Probably an hour later they got together. He broke my heart and my bestfriend stabbed me in the back. I have not loved any boy since and I don’t know when I ever will again.

Forgive and forget is a very hard thing to do So tell me honestly What is the thing people want you to forgive forget and move on about?

yours truly-Mistic

Nov 26, 2010

Student Bodies

How Shitty Is Student Bodies? I Swair That Movie Is Such A Knock off..It Was Made In 2000 But Had Bad Acting,Stupid screaming,Stupid killer,Dumb Plot..It Wasn’t Even worth my time but I watched all of it to give it a chance. No wonder I never watched it before it was such a waste it completely sucked! I Don’t really talk about movies ‘cuz I know they at least try but I don’t think they even tried for that movie. Why was it even released!?

The killers breathing was annoying..the way people were killed was unrealistic..And when the lead climbed under that walking ramp and real and lost consciousness really? Like it could really happen that way. How can they make that when Freddy and Jason movies were made before that and are awesome!

I get it was a dream but really talking through a rubber chicken to change your voice? Hah! And then she wakes up from the dream and her “Boyfriend” kills her for wanting to have sex with him to show her love really? And then she comes back through the grave wth was that? I just have to say that movie was a waste of my time and I would never give it the time of day again.

P.S- I do not want to be mean with this I’m just stating my opinion on the movie.

Yours Truly, Mistic

Nov 23, 2010

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a human and has feelings just like everyone else, So why do people talk about her as if that’s not true?

She has a life to live and a family she loves just like everyone else in this big ‘ole world. Why do people call her a slut or whore? How do you know her private life? Yea maybe I don’t know either but I have enough respect to have faith that she isn’t like that. Yea maybe she posed in front of a camera being sexy but that doesn’t make her a slut.

I just don’t understand why..Would you like it if someone who never met you called you a slut? I know I wouldnt because they don’t know a damn thing about me. All we know is what they put in tabloids which I must say is not always true.

If I were her I would feel worthless and disrespected if someone said that about me without knowing who I really am. From the looks of it she loves her fans and ignores the haters, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt her.

I personally think she is an amazing actress and singer and I love her just the way she is, even a little or BIG change is OK with me. If I had the chance to meet her I would probably faint, she is just AMAZING. I know people have their own opinion but people come on cut her some slack she is only human just like every other person alive.

Yours truly Mistic.

Nov 23, 2010


Abuse to me is when a man or a women are trying to be dominate, I do not believe in abuse and think it is wrong. I have a aunt in whom I love dearly who was abused by her husband for 10 years, she loved him to much to leave until he went to far and beat their kids. Her daughter is now going through the same thing, her boyfriend has beat her 4 times since they have been together. She loves him to much to leave, he hit her sisterand she is still with him. I do not understand why a man or women gets satisfaction by beating their partner or kids. Do you have to beat the ones you love in order to feel like your the king or queen? Why is it you treat them so special out of a relationship, but once your together you hit them. If I got with a man and he hit me no matter how much I love him I would leave. If I saw a man or women hit their partner, I would jump in and do everything I can to make sure they are OK and safe. If I found someone half dead on the road do to abuseI would take them in and help them trough it. I may not have experienced being beat by a man, but I have alot of family who have. I am not amused or happy with the way people think they have to beat someone to be dominate. I have stated how I feel about abuse, comment and tell me your opinion on the matter.

Yours truly Mistic.